Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Koimoi’s Take On Zanjeer Case: An Alarming Tale Of Misplaced Morals!

It comes across as quite a shock that copyright infringement issues are dealt with loosely in the Indian scenario. With reference to the case on Zanjeer by the original script’s writers Javed Akhtar and Salim Khan, the court has refused the stay order on the film. Made originally by Prakash Mehra, the writer duo claimed that Mehra had taken permission to use their script once only. On the same grounds the writers had qualms, that a distant kin of Mehra is remaking a film based on one of Amitabh Bachchan’s most iconic films!
It is quite shameful that there is such little respect for creative property in our country. Zanjeer‘s makers, despite being aware that the script writers of the original script has issues with their film being remade still decided to carry forward with is alarmingly shocking.
Zanjeer And Zanjeer 2013 Movie Poster
Zanjeer And Zanjeer 2013 Movie Poster
The entire point of a remake is perhaps giving tribute to a work of art that the film maker has taken a liking to out of great love and respect. But it is somehow hard to find out how the makers of this edition of Zanjeer are ‘respecting’ the writers of the script they have decided to work on, by miffing them.
However, the writer duo of Khan and Akhtar aren’t flawless either. The film’s making was in rounds since 2011 and they did not object till mid-2012. The delay here has caused them harm on the legal front.
The fact remains that the team associated with Zanjeer 2013 has least regard for the work of two of Bollywood’s most distinguished film writers. In the end, the film is based on Salim-Javed’s script and making a film on it without their permission itself is a brash and irreverent move. A film belongs to its writers more than anyone else and at any point they must have possess the immediate intellectual rights on the property they has toiled to create.
Bollywood anyway has little regard for originality and fresh cinematic vision, but it is sad that the makers of this film were compelled to work on a film against the wishes of those without whom the film wouldn’t have seen the light of the day! Zanjeer 2013 amist all the pomp and show has its morals misplaced!

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