Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Akshay Kumar Pulled Over By New York Cops

It seems like stars need to prep themselves for all kinds of sticky situations while travelling these days. Sources close to the actor revealed that Akshay Kumar had to face the New York Police Department on his recent trip to New York! So what charge was the Khiladi booked under?
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar
Reported by Zoom, Khiladi Kumar was leaving a mall post a shopping spree when he was halted by an NYPD officer! When asked to pull over and confirm his identity, Akshay Kumar got a little worried. Much to actor’s relief the reason for this pull over was that the officer was a huge fan of the star and wanted to play a prank on the biggest prankster of Bollywood!
An admirer of Akshay’s perfect comic timing and wit, the officer knew exactly who he was and later requested him for a few pictures as well!
Akshay may have been the godfather of pranks on his film sets but it seems like his fans have gone a step further in reality! ‘

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